Monday, 11 July 2016

Just a little bit of insurance against an early General Election.

Always a good idea to have an insurance plan. currently use this blog now you can imagine with all the talk this may become redundant and we will need to decamp here. first set up in 2014 but after the tories won the 2015 General Election thought they would last until 2020.

Now only a Marty McFly who has gone into the future and bought a political almanac for 2016 could have got anywhere close to what is happening now. I would also guess that if you had read the almanac for 2016 then you would have thought is this for real?

But day after day and sometimes hour after hour the political landscape is closing. Now personally I don't think it will happen as explained here >>> 200 weeks to go or just weeks until the next UK General Election?

So if you see posts coming from here as well as our other blog that is why.